“We were also impressed with our first interview with Elaine. She truly wants to have the finished product be an expression of the architecture of the home and the homeowners’ personalities. Our result was fantastic. Her design not only has enhanced the value of our property–but also our quality of life. We love it!.”
Charlene McEvoy & Doug Olson

“To say we are enjoying our new landscape is an understatement. It's made such a pleasurable difference in BOTH our lives! I'm looking forward to many years of gardening out there - thanks to your design, execution of your plan by you and your fine crew.”
Jean & Bob Lake


Your Landscape Value

A nicely landscaped property can increase the value of your home by 15%, allowing owners to recoup 100-200% of their investment at selling time. This compares with the investment recovery rates for kitchen remodeling (75-125%), bathroom remodeling (20-120%), swimming pool additions (20-50%).
Source: Money Magazine, February, 2000

As an investment, landscaping can increase the value of your property by as much as 20% – if it is done well.
Source: This Old House magazine, April 2003

The Wall Street Journal reported that landscape investments are recovered fully, and sometimes doubled, via increasing real estate values.

According to a joint study by Clemson University and the University of Maryland, potential home buyers will pay up to 11.3% above the asking price for homes with thoughtfully-designed landscaping.

Landscaping can add between 7-15% to a home's value.
Source: The Gallup Organization, 1997 U.S. Homeowner Landscaping, Lawn Care & Tree Care Survey.

"Appropriate, well-designed landscaping increases in value over time. With landscaping, value is directly related to size and performance."
Source: Landscaping Makes Cents, Frederick Campbell & Richard Dube Story

According to Money Magazine (May 2003), spending on landscape design and installation has more than tripled in the past five years, hitting $14.3 billion in 2002. And no wonder–it offers the best return on investment of any home improvement you can make.