“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elaine and her staff throughout the process that transformed our yard from old and tired to green and beautiful. The Stewardship Program has also been great for us. Staff have been responsive and supportive, especially in repeated dealings with some very pesky raccoons! I look forward to a continued partnership with Elaine and her staff.”
Nancy Feldman

“Both the customer service and quality of work are outstanding. The results show it. I love my yard. I particularly enjoy working with the Stewardship Team.”
Mary Lou Dasburg



After designing and building your landscape, we remain dedicated to its aftercare. Given proper attention, landscapes have the unique ability to evolve and improve over time. A healthy ecosystem will ensure passing your landscape on to future generations.

Our Stewardship Program is our commitment to helping you manage and care for your landscape. With the assistance of our Stewardship professionals, we are dedicated to informing and assisting you with the aftercare of your landscape and its proper development.

A Stewardship Professional will meet with you to determine a suitable aftercare approach that will be designed to meet the needs of you and your landscape. We provide you with the expertise needed to keep your landscape thriving and healthy while supporting its intended aesthetic and structural integrity.

Additional Stewardship Services:

  • Containers, Urns, and Window Box design & installation
  • Accessorizing your landscape may include the addition of various items such as sculptures, fountains, urns, or outdoor furniture.