“When we began the process of transforming a 1953 rambler into our Arts & Crafts dream home, we knew that Brubaker Landscape Designs was the only firm in the Twin Cities that we trusted to undertake the creation of a harmonious landscape. Complementing the architecture of our home, Brubaker designed a vision of an Arts & Crafts landscape that exceeded our expectations in every way. Their understanding of how people actually utilize exterior space is profound. The fastidious nature of the Brubaker team allowed for a smooth process without complication and stress. We perceive great value in our relationship with them and could not give greater compliment to the entire Brubaker team.”
Colette Gandelot & Suzanne Butzow
Click here to view the Gandelot/Butzow landscape building process.

Design-Build Services

Creating your sense of place is not a mechanical process for our team rather it is a design response that is uniquely suited to you. We are dedicated to classic design principles and quality building techniques. Our seasoned team of Landscape Architects, Designers, skilled Craftsmen, and Stewardship specialists is intimately involved in creating your project from beginning to end.

Quality landscapes take time to design, build and mature. Our reputation for design excellence is directly related to our ability to listen to you and create accordingly. Well-planned designs also lend themselves to being built in stages. This allows a master plan or complex design to be carried-out over a period of years.

The Design-Build Process

We have developed a Design-Build process that consistently delivers excellent, customized results. Our approach emphasizes communication, collaboration and careful planning. We maintain an interactive relationship with our clients through every stage of the Design-Build process.

Creating Your Landscape Design

Design meetings with you are essential during the design process. This ensures that you are involved and informed–no surprises. Typical meetings include: Initial Planning, Conceptual Presentation, Design Development and Refinements. We listen to your needs, goals and investment range and respond accordingly.

Finalizing the Design and Cost Estimates prepares us for the building process. You will understand the quantities and costs of plants, materials and labor that will be necessary to build your project. You will also know what to expect during the building process.

Building Your Landscape

Each landscape is built utilizing a process that is right for your design and property while using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and professionalism.

A Project Manager will lead a team in building your project and communicate with you during the process. Your designer will continue to be part of the process to further ensure cohesive results. Attending to the details of your design continues throughout its construction.

The following is a typical step-by-step landscape building process:

  • Formation of the foundation elements may include: excavation, soil addition or movement, grading, transplanting, soil amending/preparation
  • Building structural components may include: stone walls, patios, fences, pergolas, walkways, pathways, hillocks, decorative rockery, water features, built-in benches, garden bed edging, firepits, dry river beds, etc.
  • Planting and planting bed protection such as mulch layering
  • Practical and aesthetic additions such as irrigation and landscape lighting may be incorporated. Landscapes of all sizes including containers and window boxes can easily have automatic irrigation added for proper water care.
  • Detailing the final look to assure the highest quality aesthetic
  • Accessorizing your landscape may include the addition of various items such as sculptures, urns, or outdoor furniture.

Stewardship of Your Landscape

After designing and building your landscape, we remain dedicated. Proper care will ensure that your landscape will evolve and improve over time as intended. With the assistance of our Stewardship professionals, we are committed to informing and assisting you with the aftercare of your landscape and its proper development.

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